It's about that time to start thinking about your 2018 Summer Plans. What better way to spend a Summer day than to White Water Raft with up to 10 of your friends. Yes 10 friends!!! Check out our Spring White Water Rafting giveaway below courtesy of Adventures in White Water. Do you have what it takes to survive class IV-V Rapids? Read more below:

Descending an astounding 110 feet per mile through eight miles of Clear Creek's Lower Canyon, this advanced rafting stretch is not for the faint of heart! This is one of the steepest commercially rafted stretches in the world, and the beautiful scenery quickly gives way to steep descents, fast moving water, and non-stop action. The Lower Canyon is comprised of two Class III rapids, two Class III/IV rapids, FIVE Class IV rapids including Beavers 1 and 2, Hell's Corner, Terminator 1 and 2, and Corkscrew. The apex of this run goes by the name of Double Knife, Class IV-(V), and it never disappoints! Remember to smile for the camera at Double-Knife, where Rapid Image Photography will be taking your picture whether you like it or not! Every trip includes a wetsuit, splash-jacket, and helmet to keep you safe and warm throughout the mayhem. This is a Class IV-(V) trip and requires good physical condition, hard paddling, and strong swimming ability. 


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Any and All Bikes 4 Season's Bike Giveaway Winner Jeremy Gunn 


      Elton John Vegas Concert             Giveaway Winner               Rebecca Ortega

2015 FIS Alpine Championship Winners :
Scott Hetherington & Brook Cleaver